Pipe Dreams

It was seven years ago tomorrow that on the same day, we went into contract on our house and we got engaged.  Kyle had been planning the proposal for several months, it was just coincidence that the house contract landed on the same day.

A lot has changed since the career focused, dual-income-no-kids, couple moved into this house.  Seven years later we’re single-income-two-kids and I look at this house that at one time seemed like a great place to start a family and think about which walls I want to move and which tiles I want to sledgehammer out and I stare at our backyard and wish it was a place the kids could enjoy.  After seven years, it’s not unusual to have different needs and wants from your home.  I’m sure it’s amplified by the fact that I have been stuck at home for so much of the last two years and that we haven’t had time or money to make any improvements.  There are days that I wish moving was a good option.

At the same time, I love our home.  I love the architectural details and it feels very “us”.  The memories made here are some of my most life defining.  Marrying Kyle; welcoming our first baby, Scout (our Newfie/Lab princess who now lives with Grandpa Mike, due to Owen’s allergies); Kellen’s birth; Owen’s birth; the start of ANRC.  Amazing things have happened in this home and the wooded setting is very reminiscent of my childhood home. To me, it just feels like… home.

On top of all that, what makes me especially connected to our home is when I think of all the amazing people we have come into contact with because we happened to choose this house seven years ago.

  • There is our neighbor, Bev.  Or as Kellen calls her, “My Bevy”.  Bev takes care of all us.  Never forgetting a birthday or many times just stopping over for presents for the boys or fresh-baked goodies.  She’s also the person we knew and trusted to call at 3:30 in the morning to be here with Kellen so Kyle could come to the hospital for Owen’s birth.  How many people have a neighbor they can call at 3:30 in the morning?
  • I also think of Kellen’s teachers.  Kellen has had teacher Elizabeth for three years.  She clearly loves the kids she works with and puts extra effort and her own money into creating an enjoyable learning environment.  Every Sunday, Kellen gets excited to tell teachers Elizabeth and Jane what he did over the weekend.
  • When we picked the school it was due to proximity to our home.  Luck would have it that it’s also one of the most sought after pre-schools and therapy environments for children with special needs.  CEO’s and Professional athletes drive their special needs kids miles to come to this school and it happens to be less than a mile from our home.  When it was time for Owen to go to school, there was no other choice in our mind.  It was also this school who encouraged us to apply for respite assistance.
  • Speaking of school, I wish everyone could have an early intervention team as amazing as ours.  Barb, Nancy and Andrea always come with smiles and ideas to keep pushing Owen to achieve his next milestone.  It was they who were with us when his miles were counted in inches and it was they who encouraged me when they could sense I was struggling.  Many weeks, they were my only non-doctor or family face-to-face communication.  I hear so many people who feel EI isn’t beneficial for their family.  That always surprises me because I attribute much of Owen’s success to his EI team.
  • There are also Owen’s therapists at Gillette.  We are less than 5 miles from the site on our side of town.  Because of where we live, it is no problem for me to drive to therapy 4 days a week so Owen can focus on one therapy and not tire out from trying to push too many things at once.  I know most therapists are amazing people, but we feel we hit the jack pot with Katie, Nancy, Leah, Megan, Carrie and, now, Wendy.

When I think of all this house has given us, I realize we got it right.  I throw out the idea of a new home and instead search HGTV for when Yard Crashers and Genevieve Gorder will make a trip to Minneapolis.

Pipe Dreams.

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6 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams

  1. It does sound like you have it right. Congrats on making your house a home for you and your family. It sounds like the perfect place to live. And I hope (if that is what you want) that HGTV does visit. I watch that show all the time!

    • Thanks, Linda. We do have it good, even if I sometimes get a little whiney. It’s my not-so-secret dream to be on HGTV. Seriously, it’s way up there to one day come home and my house be perfect…even if it will only last 5 minutes after the kids are let back in.

  2. I feel so much the same way about our home. We purchased it when I was (unknowingly) pregnant in order to get to a better school for my husband’s daughter who had some (ugly) trouble in her last school. While it feels like home, and there are things I love (we gutted it so obviously I love the kitchen cabinets and tile I chose), there are things I hate (too many to mention). I think you have it right, too. Let’s get that PowerBall rolling and get our masseuses already. Oh, and house stuff. Massage threw me off. Sorry.

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