Owen’s TV Debut

I hope everyone is feeling full and content from a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I said I wouldn’t post today, but we had a visit from WCCO reporter Rachel Slavik and cameraman, Joe to do a story on Owen’s first time enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. Thought you’d love to see a little slice of our day in this newsclip.

Also, thank you, Cate and Rita at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare for taking an interest in Owen and helping spread his story.

Here’s a (very grainy) picture of Owen watching himself on TV.


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One thought on “Owen’s TV Debut

  1. Loved watching the clip. I thought it was great when She said it really puts things in perspective when we r all chowing down! So true. I also wanted to respond to your comment about the woman who discouraged you from announcing every milestone. Does she have kids? Hmmm. I think every kid is special and every child is “normal”. We are all different. We all have different challenges no matter what our circumstances are, no matter what our “normal” is. We have to celebrate and enjoy every milestone. It’s what keeps us striving for the next milestone. Taking the next challenge. I am so thankful for your blog and strength. My challenges are so minor compared to yours. But they are my “normal”. Your blog makes me thankful everyday that I have it so easy compared to you and so many others. I love reading Every Milestone of your beautiful boy. And hope one day to meet him, and celebrate his life. Maybe one day my girls and your boys can sing into a fan together, do kart wheels in the grass and run through sprinklers as we did in our younger days. :). Please don’t ever stop celebrating and shouting from every roof top every milestone.

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