Owen’s Heroes: Dr Hess

We all think Owen’s pretty amazing, but he’s also had some extraordinary help along the way.  The first Friday of each month, I will feature one of the special people who has helped Owen.

Since it’s the month of May and nearing the anniversary of when he first saved Owen’s life, it seems fitting that Dr. Hess be the first of Owen’s Heroes to be featured.  We met Dr. Hess on May 24, 2011.  That day is worthy of several Therapy Thursday posts, so I’ll spare you the gritty details for now, but Owen was very sick – sick enough that the Social Worker came to see us and sick enough that his nurse went to the Chaplain and prayed for Owen over her lunch break.

That first surgery was excruciating for everyone but it was eminently lifesaving for Owen.  The next five surgeries that Dr Hess performed on Owen were also life saving, although not with quite as much urgency.  With each surgery, we were more and more confident that the person who knew Owen best was operating on him.

From more recent conversations, it’s become clear that Dr Hess has a soft spot for Owen.    He’s mentioned in more than one recent discussion that Owen’s case was “traumatic” (his word, not mine) for him and has jokingly told me that Owen’s taken some years off his life. I responded that I wasn’t sure that made me feel better, even in hindsight,  But, it does make me even more in awe of Dr Hess’ obvious skill.  His training and expertise prepared him to push through fears and get the best possible outcome for Owen.

We owe him much, much gratitude and respect.

Here’s a recent picture of Dr Hess with Owen.

Dr Hess and Owen April 24,  2012
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