One Month Down

I don’t want to start the week complaining…but if you’ll let me for a moment…Monday updates are not nearly as fun when 50% of the household spends 99% of their time in the house. So, I warn you in advance, this winter you’re probably going to read more about how my learning to quilt (haven’t started yet), and other Cold and Flu Season Bucket List items are going and less about all the fun people we’ve been able to visit. I will do my best to keep it entertaining, but the fact is, this blog is about life with a preemie and our life is life with a preemie.

In all seriousness, I can’t complain too badly. I have wonderful friends who schedule their lunches around me. This week I got to catch up with my friend L from grad school, and I even threw out a few business terms. It’s still in my brain, whew! She said she’s going to come back and I’m going to keep her to it. It’s amazing the number of people from my past that I’ve been able to reconnect with since Owen was born. So many people have stepped up to care, and we’re really thankful.

Speaking of Owen, let me do some bragging about what he’s been doing in his 99% of his time in the house. For starters, he’s full on cruising now. He walks along the furniture and even had a nano-second, here and there, of standing with no support. He also has a love affair with climbing the stairs. No stairmaster needed when you’re keeping track of Owen. With all this activity, you’d think he might be needing all of his oxygen lately, but he’s choosing to be a little rock star this week! He’s up to 3-4 hours off oxygen during the day! It feels so nice to walk around and not have any dang cords snagging on everything.

Kellen’s been doing some development too. It’s really amazing how well he’s learning his letters over the last month. Good job, Teachers E and J! We have a couple of alphabet games at home and I can’t believe the difference. Can I say it?  There were times we secretly hoped he’d pick one of the easier games before bed because the alphabet games could take a long time. Well, no more. What I love the most is that I’m really starting to be able to see how he learns. When I ask him what the letter ‘S’ is, he’ll associate it to his friends at school, “hmmm…it’s in Sam’s name…’S’!” Such the social butterfly he is.

Kellen had a great time trick or treating with Kyle. They traipsed through our neighborhood for about 1.5 hours and he carried his pumpkin the whole time. It was HEAVY by the time they made it home. Owen didn’t get dressed up. His mom was being lazy since he didn’t have a strong opinion on it (actually, I’m guessing he’d strongly prefer no costume at this stage).

And for the snapshots.

All Ready to go Trick or Treating!


Mr. Cruiser getting into the cupboards.



Our (I hope you know that really means MY) Sunday project was cleaning out the toy closet.  Here’s the before.20121104-233827.jpg

Owen was pretty excited to finally get a look around in there.


Nearly every child under 10 who has come to our house has a picture looking out one of the lookout windows in our staircase.


Working on some fine motor skills.


Our neighbor had some tree work done this week and the workers filled their truck with branches that needed to be hauled away.  Kellen decided to do some of his own hauling.


Hilarious out-take from the picture shown on Friday.  (If you’re wondering if the iPhone 5 really has a purple haze in some pictures…it seems to be true.  Maybe Owen could see it before the picture was taken?)


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