Not the Same Experience with a Toddler

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Sad faces here. Owen was admitted for a 24-48 hour observation. Monday, his eating started to decline.

Tuesday he acted a little tired and cranky – fell asleep in his exersaucer.


Wednesday he was lethargic. He tried crawling one time, but got so tired trying to get up the step that he did this:


The rest of the day he would not let me put him down and looked like this:


I hemmed and hawed all day in if I should bring him in since his fever was low grade and his breathing didn’t seem too bad. Finally, Kellen and I took him in and the doctor felt that due to his history we should get a more complete workup at the Emergency Department (ED). There, they found his white blood count was extremely elevated and his C-Reactive Protein (CRP, or of you followed Owen’s CaringBridge, the measure I, not-so-lovingly, called the Crap measure, that measures inflammation in the body was high) is also very elevated. Being that Owen was already on antibiotics from the ear infection and his history. The doctors wanted to observe him until 1) they can identify the type of infection and 2) they are confident this won’t get worse. So, we are at Amplatz for 24-48 hours.

Being in the hospital with a toddler is a totally different experience. He’s so scared and it breaks my heart. Instead of flirting with everyone, like he did last winter and spring, he cries the minute someone enters the room. He slept in his crib from 2-7, but otherwise wants to be held. Too many IVs in the past is adding to his issues, it took 4 pokes for the IV and two for an additional lab draw. So far, he’s only needed a finger poke this morning. Hopefully that’s the end of the needles! They aren’t helping him like people here.

So, the good news is this doesn’t appear to be respiratory and so far, is precautionary. I’ll keep Facebook updated with immediate changes and will do a post once we know more.

Thanks for all positive thoughts!

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  1. Tatum and family,

    Owen is in my prayers; I’ll be thinking of you as I know this has to be extremely stressful. I’ll watch for good news on your next post. (I don’t do facebook, YET)

    Love ya,

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