My Non-Post for the Day

I shared this on Facebook today, but for those of you who don’t follow Facebook, here’s why I am not posting today.

I’m not going to write a post today.

Instead of taking a few minutes to read about me trying to make sense of the thoughts rambling around in my head, I hope that you will use those minutes to educate your friends and family on the R word.

Spread the Word to End the Word can help, if you need. I tweeted Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately [a regular r-word user] asking her if she’d take the pledge and showed her a cute picture of my Brad Wollack look alike. I’ve also posted on my personal FB wall and defended the campaign when someone said “banning words are the solution of the weak.” (It’s not a ban. “TO” is the key word in the phrase. Educate people TO allow them to make better choices.)

Use YOUR voice today [and everyday], it’s an important message.

Thank you!


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