Maybe It’s Me?

While I don’t really believe that I have any control over the weather…we all know I’m superstitious.  It occurred to me today as I made the final touches to the toy room and got all of the toys in labeled bins (so easy that even a four-year-old can pick up his toys), that the next cupboard over is the photo album cupboard and it’s still waiting to be organized.

Had to take a picture because I know it'll never look this good again.

Had to take a picture because I know it’ll never look this good again.

Organizing the photos from the last two years is on my cold and flu season bucket list.  Technically, it’s no longer flu season…but, uhm, it’s still really cold.  Snow fell here again today.  When describing Minnesotans, you often hear the term Minnesota Nice, but if you visited this state these days, you’re going to find a whole lot of Minnesota Depressed.  It’s May and we’ve had 3-4 days above 60 degrees since last fall.

Maybe….if I finished the items on my cold and flu season bucket list…maybe?  It’s worth a try, right?

So, here’s the deal.  I have three items left.  1) Give Blood  2) Organize Photo Albums and 3) Family pictures.

Cold & Flu Season Bucket List for Preemie Parents


Tonight, I will do the photos.  I’m scheduled to give blood tomorrow and I have pictures of the boys scheduled for next Sunday (we’ll get the full family in the fall).

So, Mother Nature, if you’re listening…I’m just about there…feel free to turn nice any time now.

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