Happy Fall!

It’s been a pretty uneventful couple weeks in the M house.  Both boys seem to be over their colds and Owen completed his steroid burst.  Each day he is getting more and more mobile.  He climbed the stairs (all FOURTEEN of them – under close supervision) twice on Sunday and is now pulling himself up along the wall.  He’s moving his feet a little, but I wouldn’t say fully cruising yet.  Not bad for someone who turned 18 months on Sunday.

After a rainy and windy week, the weather this weekend was much needed here in Minnesota.  70 degrees and sunny on Sunday and the perfect day to get the obligatory Fall Playing in the Leaves.  I got a little gratuitous, but seriously, who doesn’t love Fall pictures?  Especially when they are taken during one of Owen’s oxygen breaks.  Enjoy!

Someone had such a busy weekend that he couldn’t make it to his bedtime.

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2 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. Love the pictures! It was a completely adorable way to ring in the 18mo bday 🙂 Love all O’s mobility progress lately, too!

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