It’s the small things

Things have started settling down from Owen’s short stay at the hospital last week.  Through Saturday he didn’t want to be put down, but by Sunday he was starting to his independent self again.  Friday, he was especially demanding and not wanting to nap.   The last week , in general, was a pretty harried week for us.  Nothing huge, just lots of little things that seemed like inconvenience after inconvenience.

However, looking back, there were just a few things that seemed to really matter about the week.

Grandma Cheryl was in town and stopped by for a visit and then she and her friend took Kellen to dinner.  I think she knew I was a little stressed because she let Kellen pick out a bouquet of flowers for me before they came home.  He was so proud and had such a nice time and I love my flowers.

Kyle and Kellen had lots of fun this weekend.  They went to the Gopher game on Saturday and then picked out the pumpkin and made the jack-o-lantern yesterday.

I told this story on Facebook, so some have already heard it, but another really nice thing that happened last week was I received a print of the below saying from a fellow Amplatz NICU mom.  Her daughter’s time in the NICU overlapped with Owen some of the time, but we never really got to know each other.  However, we’ve gotten to know each other a little better, virtually, through Facebook.  I was really honored to be included in her thoughts when she saw this saying and I think it holds true for so many of us.  I’ll be hanging the print in our entryway.

So, in the end, not our best week.  But it had some pretty special moments, too.


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