It’s a Monday Kind of Tuesday

I have a confession about yesterday.  I didn’t post because on Saturday when we got back home from the cabin, I started reading 50 Shades of Grey.  I kept hearing that the books are really quite terribly written, but for some reason you can’t put them down. I couldn’t wrap my arms around that idea, but now I get it.  The dialogue in the book is exceptionally bad – this is not how 22 and 27 year olds talk, the premise is completely unbelievable (really, a 27-year-old that in 7 years became one of the riches men in the world through Mergers and Acquisition?  Tech boom, I get it, rare, but believable, but M&A takes much longer than 7 years to be able to make more than $100K every minute).  So, I say all that, but three days after starting, I’m well into the third book and these are NOT short books.  I tend to be a bit of a marathon reader typically, but these books absolutely can not be put down.  The author has this cruel way of ending every chapter in the middle of a climax (PLOT climax – get your head out of the 50 Shades gutter), so you absolutely cannot stop.  I’ve learned it’s best to stop mid chapter, it’s your only chance of walking away.  Ladies that have read these smutty, horribly written books, would you agree this chapter framework is probably the authors inner Christian coming out a little?

Anyway, as far as I know, you all do not read this blog to hear my book reviews on the latest Suburban Housewives (is that me?  hmm, a Thursday topic for sure) reading craze, but I did think I needed  to explain my where-abouts a little.  I hope it didn’t have any of you worried about any of us.  It was just one of those selfish mom moments and those are important to get in on occasion.

More importantly, about our last week.  I told you last week that Owen was fighting a cold so we left the cabin.  Kyle and Kellen actually stayed up at the cabin and just Owen and I came home.  Owen continued to have a terrible cough and I took him into the Dr because I had started him on his prednisone and really that’s typically a doctor, not mom call, so I at least wanted to keep his doctors in the loop.  She agreed it seemed to be just a cold and that the prednisone was warranted.  By Thursday it was pretty clear that Owen was heading in the right direction, so he and I headed back up to the cabin so we could enjoy the rest of the vacation and to bring the Kyle and Kellen home.

While we were in Minneapolis, Kyle kept Kellen very occupied sharing all of his favorite-things-Duluth.  They toured the Ore Boat, visited Grandpa Rusty’s shop and Kellen got to sit on all construction machines, visited all of Kyle’s favorite restaurants, went to a friend’s horse farm and rode the horse, and probably more impressively for Kellen, the farm tractor.  I’m glad they had excursions planned because the weather wasn’t great cabin weather until closer to the weekend. It’s also good because, Kellen learned a new “trick” at the cabin that he needed some breaks from.  We were letting him pee outside sometimes and he thought it was pretty cool.  Our last morning there, he took it one step further and pooped outside.  Sorry Grandma Sandy!  As we discussed it later he let me know he understood that he should NOT poop outside again, “only animals poop outside, right Mommy”.  I never imagined parenting would so much revolve around poop!

In efforts to miss the traffic and re-acclimate to normal life we came back home on Saturday.  This week is Kellen’s last week in the toddler program at his school and Monday his class officially becomes a 3-year-old Pre-K class.  He’s very excited to get to use the “Big playground” and not the toddler playground anymore.  I’m a little verklempt because Pre-K just sounds like a much bigger deal.  Fortunately he’ll still have his same teacher, at least through the summer.  Kellen’s schooling is also getting cut back to shorter days so he’ll be spending a portion of the mornings and afternoons at home with Owen and I.  Lots of big changes for our big boy to this week!

Here are a few pictures of some of the adventures over the last week.

Kellen driving the fork truck at Grandpa Rusty's shop

Kellen riding horseKellen driving the fork truck at Grandpa Rusty's shopKellen checking out a bunk on the Ore Boat


We made a little tent for Owen so he could enjoy the outdoors. He was enthralled and would not look back at me. Stared out at the trees and lake for more than a couple hours.

Nice to have some time to relax on the boat.

Thanks Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Rusty for letting us take over the cabin last week.  Kellen had several outbursts on the way home letting us know he was NOT ready to go home.  However, he was pretty excited to get to school Monday to tell all his friends about the nice time he had.

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  1. You all needed a little fun break. Good for you. Kellen seemed to be enjoying himself with all the moving equipment and animal. Big horse and no little pony for him! Nice tent set up for Owen.

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