Hero of the Month: Tom & Lisa

I can’t believe it’s June already! And with the first Friday of the month, we get to give special appreciation to some of Owen’s heroes.

This month we want to thank husband and wife, Tom and Lisa for their above and beyond help with Owen’s animal allergies. Lisa is a good friend of my mom’s and both she and Tom became fans of Owen over the last year.

My mom and Lisa were talking on the phone and Mom mentioned they’d like to take our cat Cyrus but needed to figure out the logistics of getting him from Minneapolis to Mesa, AZ. Lisa thought Tom may be able to do it and he agreed. Guess what? Tom doesn’t like to fly and he’s not really a cat person. He took a day off work and flew out of MSP at 11 AM and was back home at midnight. A whole day of flying for someone who doesn’t like to fly and he’s taking a cat he doesn’t know from someone he doesn’t know and I’m sure praying like mad that the sedative the vet prescribed works really, really well (thankfully, it did). Why did he do it? Well, knowing Lisa, even the little that I do, she is pretty convincing, but he says the real reason is he did it was for Owen. That’s a really selfless gift and we are grateful beyond measure.

That’s certainly more than enough from one family, but they didn’t stop there. Lisa has a cleaning business and she’s known for her deep cleans. Now that the animals are out of the house, Lisa came into our home and deep cleaned from top to bottom – as a gift to us. She moved the furniture, cleaned light fixtures scrubbed the floors cleaned the windows, etc – getting rid of animal dander from all of the hiding places that a basic clean would miss. This was no small task and Lisa drove quite a distance to do it. They live East of St. Paul and we live West of Minneapolis. Why did she do it? She wanted Owen to have a healthy home.

Tom and Lisa represent the specialist kind of hero – they didn’t have to do it, they wanted to do it. Thank you, thank you both from all of us, including Grandma Sue. I know it makes her feel good that her friends help her daughter’s family.

We are proud to call you friends, and I’m glad Lisa got some time with Owen when she was at the house this weekend. I casually tried to get a picture of them together for this post, but she’s too smart for me and refused.

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