Hero of the Month: Grandma Sandy

As we were driving to the cabin early in the morning on the Fourth, Kyle asked Kellen what is his favorite part of the cabin. Without hesitation Kellen responded, “the boat’! Then Kyle asked me what my favorite part of the cabin is and my instant response was, “Grandma”!

With none of our parents living in the Minneapolis area, each has done everything they can to help us – always and especially since Owen was born. They all have traveled long distances at a heartbeat when we have asked, they call frequently to check in on us and each has been generous with time and gifts to make our lives easier.

Living the closest, at little more than two hours away, Grandma Sandy has been called on the most. When Kyle travels she often comes down to help me with the boys or she takes Kellen at her house. When Owen is in the hospital she comes and gives us breaks to spend time with Kellen. She never comes empty handed – there is always food for her stay and then some. When we go to the cabin, she caters to all of us. She is always down on the floor with Owen and Kellen and somehow keeps up with a three year old. You would think with me being 29 (or so) and her being 39 (or so), I’d have a little more energy than she does – but Grandma Sandy laps circles around me every time. She’s been a sounding for both Kyle and I with many late night chats in front of the fire or on the screen porch.

It’s true for each of the grandparents – their worry isn’t just for Owen. They are also watching their child suffer. I’m sure it’s not been easy for any of them; Kyle and I have taken from our parents much more than we’ve given lately.

Thanks, Grandma Sandy and all our parents and step parents, for all that you do for each of us. We’ve really learned from each of you that parenting doesn’t stop when the kids are out of the house – even now, when we are [throat clearing] so very late in our 20’s.

We love you all and appreciate you.


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