2 thoughts on “Have a great Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Tatum,
    I was quite behind on your posts and just got caught up from the last several weeks. While reading your posts, I laughed (the poop scoop cracked me up!) and cried (several times), hurt for you, cheered for you and missed you. Your words are so rich and describe everything so vividly. Thank you for sharing these experiences and allowing me to follow along. I was most touched by the stories of Owen’s birth and his sickest day, but words fail me to explain just how. I loved learning about the ritual that you started on his sickest day of giving him your strength. I have always admired you for your strength, so it just made sense why Owen is a fighter…he got a double dose by what he inherited from you and Kyle and what you passed on at his weakest moments.

    In poop scoop, you asked how others tell their kids that poop is disgusting and not to be touched. Well, I have done it pretty much the same way you did. I have yelled at Cedric on the couple of times when he has smeared it all over himself and toilet just by sliding off the toilet. It truly is so gross. I have also yelled at him in public restrooms when he touches everything on the toilet. Yuck. Yes there is probably a better way, but in those poop moments my calmness dissolved too.

    with gratitude,
    jenn kass

    • Jenn, thank you for the words of encouragement and admitting that you think poop is icky too! I miss you…don’t you need to take a business trip to Minneapolis any time soon? My current job doesn’t include much travel beyond doctor appointments.

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