Happy Labor Day

With Labor Day, comes the unofficial end of summer. We had a great summer and ended it with a week in Wisconsin having fun with family.

Kyle was traveling for work and Kellen was off school so the boys and I went to my Grandma’s to spend time with her and my brothers and their kids. Then on Friday we drove up to the cabin and Kyle flew in up there so we could spend the weekend with his mom and step dad.

My best pictures still need to be downloaded from the camera, but here’s a quick look at our week in pictures.


Owen with his uncle Thayran. Thayran has a special place for Owen, he too, was a preemie. A 31 weeker in 1974 who spent 3+ months in the NICU and then was in and out with pneumonia much of the next couple years.


Owen with Great Grandma Karyl.


This tank is just behind his cousins in favorite things about Tomah, WI




Great Aunt Stacy took Kellen on a Shetland Pony. He helped brush Shane down before saddling her up.


Nix what I said about the Tank, Great Uncle Daran’s tractor may have replaced the tank in top things in Tomah. Daran said he barely had to touch the steering wheel, Kellen was a great driver



Each afternoon at the cabin, you can find Owen looking out over the lake. Looks like the perfect nap to me.



Still practicing with lots of determination

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6 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Is that the tank in Tomah? I remember climbing on that tank as a kid myself! My husband just drove through Tomah and the width of Minnesota yesterday. I wish I could have twinkled my nose and been in the truck with him. Its beautiful country. Glad you guys had a good weekend.

    • It is the tank in Tomah. When we went out to the farm we passed your old house. You can barely see it now that the trees have grown in, but I looked for it and thought of you!

  2. Hi Tatum, Only 3 pictures came up, but they were Graet photos. We were camping in Warrens, sorry we missed you. I know there never is enough time to see everyone. I can tell Grandma Carol and Thayran were happy to spend time with you guys. Love to all of you Aunt Rosie

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