Fun and Games

The weather finally warmed enough to spend sometime outside and even when we weren’t outside, the sun was streaming in the house.

Where is Owen?wheres O


Winter swinging

Digging snow tunnels20130210-232735.jpg

Warming up with hot chocolatecoco

Keyboard and blankie, Owen’s two favorite thingsfaves

All snuggled in2013-02-07 22.03.10

Kellen felt I deserved a princess themed party, Kyle made sure the zebras weren’t left out. ┬áMy boys are good to me.

20130210-232853.jpg20130210-234219.jpg 20130210-234204.jpg


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3 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. How’s the eye-patching going with Owen? I went through that with my son and eventually we did the strabismus surgery. I always had a hard time getting him to leave the eye patch on.

    • Hi Rose, He’s doing pretty well with the patches. As long as I keep him busy, he normally leaves them alone. However, if he gets upset, yanking off the patch is his first act. He also will have surgery for his crossing eyes, but the patching, in his case, is for lazy eye – he’s not using his right eye and so his brain is starting to ignore it. I hope the strabismus surgery was a success for your guy.

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