It’s official, I’m a flu-a-phobe and I’m not ashamed.

I’ve been apprehensive all season, but this headline did it to me; Minnesota Health Officials: 27 flu deaths this season. 23 of those deaths were last week.  Just in Minnesota!

That’s it, I’m done. Quarantine.

Then, I picked up Kellen from school and found out that his classroom has two confirmed cases of flu.


I didn’t send Kellen to school today. I figure it wasn’t very wise to knowingly send him to a place where there was confirmed flu. I’ll feel out next week as we get there. It’s not worth the risk.

We have also made arrangements with Kellen’s teacher that we will come 15 minutes late and pick up 15 minutes late so teachers can bring Kellen to the door. That way Owen can stay in the car and will not be going into school for direct contact. It’s really nice of Kellen’s teachers to agree to this. I know they are busy and it’s hard enough managing a bunch of 3 and 4-year-old kids without little field trips downstairs to get Kellen. We are lucky to have such a supportive school.

Last night I went to Target and didn’t take off my gloves the whole time I was there. Thankfully it was raining (yes, in January, and then it all froze) so not many people were out. Had there been a bunch of coughing, I may have been that person who left a full cart of groceries and high-tailed out of there.

Healthy thoughts to everyone! I’m off to watch Cars with Kellen while Owen naps.

Here are pictures of the boys trying out the Wheat and Egg Free pancakes. There was a slightly different texture at the end of the chew, but the flavor was great and the texture was not that noticeable.






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13 thoughts on “Flu-a-phobe

  1. I don’t blame you one little bit! I’ve never gotten a flu shot before and I’m seriously thinking of going and getting it and dragging Justin with me. This is some scary stuff this year!!!

    • Stay healthy, Dawn. You know my opinion on the flu shot 🙂 Sounds like a perfect newlywed experience together. Thanks for leaving the comment!

  2. Honestly, keep those boys away from the flu. ITs really bad. Its going through our house right now. Im a bit worried, b/c this is the first time my 24weeker (now 9.5 corrected) is sick with the flu.

    • Oh, Seher, I’m so sorry to hear your family is dealing with the flu. How is everyone doing? Sending best wishes to you all!

  3. This made me laugh- last year I left a cart full of stuff in stores a few times when I saw sick people around. Now I just order online & avoid the stores altogether.

  4. Hello Coborns Delivers and Target.com! (Shipping is always free on Target.com, by the way, if you have a Target card!) Hope your house can stay healthy!!

    • Thanks Becca. We are, of course, Target RedCard holders – that 5% and the pharmacy rewards are a big deal! Stay healthy to you all too.

  5. Anything is worth it to keep the house healthy. We try to shop at odd times on the weekend when there are not too many people in the store. Sometimes I feel bad that Leo just sees a few places during the winter. Looking forward to spring, only a few months away.

    • Alyssa, I wondered this too. Prompted by your question I took to Twitter and heard back from a reporter, Jason DeRusha, that does a segment called “Good Question”. He’s been doing a lot of flu questions and spoke with an ID doctor yesterday and she said, “we don’t know yet.” Fingers crossed it’s just an earlier season and not a longer season.

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