First Trip Out of Town

It was a weekend of Firsts.

  • It was the first time all four of us were in the car together
  • It was my first time out of the Metro since March 2011
  • It was Owen’s first time out of the Metro EVER

And with all of those; It was the first time we ever needed to pack the back of our SUV with all of Owen’s stuff.

Taking a trip with Owen means a lot to pack.

The plan was to be at Kyle’s mom’s cabin for a week.  However, we ended up cutting the time down to a weekend.  Owen was having some pretty bad coughing and we maxed out his support to the point we were comfortable being so far from his doctors, so Sunday we came back.  He’s doing pretty well now, so hopefully it was just a bad day.

The trip was shorter than planned, but we did have some good times while we were there.  Enjoy our pictures.

Kellen and Grandpa reading a good night story


Owen showed off his feet

Kellen supervised dock insertion

Cheesy Smiles!

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  1. Nice pants Kyle, I need a pair of thoses!! Hope you were able to enjoy some of the trip. Give by best to your mother and Rusty.

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