Fifty Point Two

Q) Do you know what’s great about Fifty Point Two?

A) It’s greater than Fifty.

See, I may have a major case of mommy brain so bad that I booked my flights for my girls weekend away on the wrong weekend (true story and thank you Delta customer service person for waiving the $150 change fee). But when needed, the hours and hours in my life I’ve spent on spread sheets analyzing market share and growth and profit and loss all came back to me so that I can confidently tell you this…

Owen has now slept more nights in his bed at home than he has in U of MN,¬†Amplatz Children’s Hospital!

50.2% of his nights have been at home, and he looks pretty darn perfect here, don’t you think?


Happy 460 Days – or 353 corrected, Owen!

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  1. Yippeee! So excited for you guys thanks for sharing. I keep up with your blog and your family is still in my thoughts and prayers.

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