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We stayed in and ordered pizza for the Superbowl.  The Superbowl has special significance in our house.  Four years ago, it was on February 1.  Kellen, Kyle and I had our first night together as a family.  It was his last night in the hospital and we all roomed together in a boarding room.  We ordered pizza that night, so Kyle suggested that we do the same this year.  Good Memories.

I didn’t pay very much attention to that game four years ago, and the same has been true about every Superbowl since.  I’ll give you two guesses why.

Meet reason #1 and reason #2.


Not just busy during the game, these two are pretty much always on the go (or “ga” as Owen has started to say).  I was able to get some pictures of them in some of their favorite activities this week.





opaint Kpaint

Eating Paint.

kpaint2 opaint2

Blocks.  (This sitting makes me giddy).


Science.  (Thank you Pinterest)


If you’ve got ’em, you might as well play with the cords.  (ahh, the sitting).


Did I mention hockey?


Yep, they are a busy duo.  I don’t think I’ll be watching many Superbowls for a few more years.  Thank God Downton Abbey is on after they go to bed.

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  1. Great pictures Tatum. Nice super bowl get together. Love Owen using those stomach muscles. He is developing some “pipes”as Kyle likes to say.Then of course Mr UMD hockey Kellen. The mad scientist at work with the gluten free recipes.

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