Family Time

We had a really wonderful long weekend together as a family and we had the freedom to truly enjoy the sites and sounds.  Guys, we went to a small museum!  As a family!  We went into a Target store.  As a family!  Kyle, me, Kellen and Owen.  An entire unit.  The entire family.  No oxygen dangling from my shoulder.  Just Owen in his carrier, Kellen holding our hands and the camera.  It was what a family trip is supposed to be and it took us 3 weeks shy of 2 years to get it.  Pretty perfect.

Pictures of really happy faces say more than my words can.
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5 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. I am so happy for you guys! Isn’t it wonderful just to be together on an outing, no matter how unspectacular it might be? Hugs!

  2. Priceless! SO happy you got some quality time as a family…cordless! 🙂 Your boys are adorable, by the way. I can’t believe Owen and Ace will soon turn 2. At times these two years have felt like they’ve lasted forever, yet other times it feels like just yesterday the two babes were giving their nurses a workout in the NICU. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see Owen out and about without oxygen, playing with big brother. LOVE it!

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