Development Surge

It’s really amazing how much Owen can advance when he’s feeling well and these last few weeks he’s made strides all around.  In the last two weeks Owen has

  • mastered rolling over
  • started scooting (on his back) to get where he wants
  • he’s bearing weight on his legs for longer and longer times and even had a couple of seconds unassisted standing while leaning up against his leapfrog table
  • he’s started to babble
  • he puts his arms up when he wants to be picked up
  • he’s started feeding himself with a spoon
  • he started taking sips out of a sippy cup

IN TWO WEEKS!  There really is too much good stuff to just focus on one thing, and I don’t want to seem like one of those moms that brags about her kids,

so I’m going to let Owen tell you about his last couple weeks.

Hey guys, it's me. Owen. Come and check out all that I've done in the last couple weeks.

Do you see this beaut? It's my new exersaucer. Okay really, it's a hand me down. We second kids are so short-changed. But still, it's pretty cool, aye? Mom pulled it out of the attic this weekend and I'm a big fan. Okay, after a few minutes I tire and cry to get out, but those first minutes are AWESOME. Buttons to push everywhere.

Okay, so you're going to need some imagination for this one because mom hasn't figured out that she should just always keep the video running to catch my amazingness. So here, I am laying on my blanket - okay, it's another hand-me-down. Kellen was sooo spoiled. Anyway, back to me. When mom put me down, my head was by the box and I decided, nope, I don't want to play with that hand me down from Kellen so I pushed myself around until I got to my favorite toy from Early Intervention. Hear that Kellen? A toy of my own. Well. Except for those other kids that used it before me. Anyway, point of this picture is why be on your stomach when a back will do. Belly time is totally for sissies.

Okay, now check this one out. This toy - bought special for ME by Grandma Cheryl - is as big as I am, but I'm strong enough to lift it. I also bounce on it and lean against it with my forearms. It's mom and my compromise for belly time.. She's so insistent about this belly time stuff! Funny side story. Kellen thought this toy was pretty cool and tried taking it away from me. That is until he rolled off it and hit is head on the hardwood floor. Cried like a baby. Karma Dude, Karma.

So this next one is a video.  Mom had totally given up on me and the sippy cup until we could get in with speech, but on a whim she decided to give me a little water in a cup while  my g-tube feeding ran.  I waited for her to leave the room and then surprised her with this skill. This video is an example of how you get away with the occasional waking up at night to get help finding your pacifier – give ’em a couple good surprises every now and then.

Okay, now this video is really going to get you.  Mom’s been working with me on this feeding thing for a while, but I gotta tell you, do you know all the bad things that have happened inside my mouth.  I hold a bit of grudge and so, I took a lesson from Kellen (he’s not ALL bad).  Three simple words.  “I do it”  Yep, as soon as she figured out that I’d be the one to stick the spoon in mouth, thank you very much, I showed her that I love foods like yogurt.  Yeh, yeh, it’s a little messy, but progress is messy and moms are made to clean up messes.  Notice in the beginning of this video she’s trying to feed me , but I just smile a little, “oh no you don’t” smile and look away.  Then she hands me the spoon and, well, see for yourself…

So, that’s just a few of the things I can do – pretty amazing, huh?  This feeling good stuff and actually being able to breath without an elephant sitting on my chest is amazing.

HEY! How did this picture get in here? See what happens after I go to bed - he had his time with the exersaucer? I can't wait until I get some teeth so I can start biting this kid.


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    • Thanks Kar, Lucky for you and L & L, Owen lives in Minneapolis and isn’t heading your way anytime soon…he’s quite the ladies man 😉

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