Curly & The Birthday Boy

I’ll admit it, sometimes I take pictures of Owen just to capture the curls.  Kyle and I both have wavy hair, but neither of us had it as young as Owen or quite as curly.  I’ll forewarn you, this kid is going to have hair that will, by some people, be considered too long for a boy…but really, how can I ever cut these cues?

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As you can imagine, the Birthday Boy had a very busy week trying out some of his presents and over the weekend he helped one of his classmates celebrate her birthday at a local gym. Mommy brag:  this same little girl is on a gluten-free diet.  When Kellen took treats to school to celebrate his birthday, he told me to make sure that we had a gluten-free treat so all the kids could eat it.  He also has a teacher with several food restrictions and Kellen took the initiative to ask her if she would be able to eat the gluten-free cupcakes.  When she said no because of additional restrictions he requested I get something she could enjoy.  I’m so proud of him for taking the initiative to be inclusive.

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I’m loving that the two boys are getting more and more interactive with each other.

20130127-225437.jpg 2013-01-27 03.55.16

And for those of you who missed it on Facebook, Owen had a big breakthrough this last week.  He’s started to transition from all fours to sitting.  You may not have even known that he didn’t do it before because he has been able to sit for a few months, however, we had to put him into sitting, he wasn’t getting there himself.  He also never stayed in a seated position for long and he never seemed comfortable – presumably from his scar tissue.  Choosing to sit is a big deal and opens up so many possibilities for Owen in all areas of his development.  Blurry or not, this picture is a keeper.


I also have a little personal bragging to do.  I received an award from a fellow blogger!  The Liebster Award is a bit of a pay it forward award in the small blogger community.  Once you receive the award, you nominate other small bloggers who you follow and feel have quality sites.  I’ll dedicate more time to Liebster on Wednesday, but in the meantime, check out my nominator, Joy and her blog, I Can Say Mama.


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5 thoughts on “Curly & The Birthday Boy

  1. So we have one more thing in common because Sunny has curly hair, too (as I do) and people often think he is a girl because he has rather longish hair! 🙂
    And I love how Kellen thought of everyone with regard to the cupcakes/treats for this birthday! <3

  2. Don’t cut the curls! My middle one was a sweet little angel with beautiful blond curls. When I finally broke down and cut the curls, he turned ornery as all get out. (Of course, he also turned 2 about that time, but that couldn’t have had anything to do with it. He’s 28 now, and still ornery.)

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