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I love hearing from other preemie and special needs moms.  To ask questions, share your story or get permission to republish any of my content please email me at or send me a private message on Facebook.


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  1. Hi Tatum…It’s Dawne and Katherine in Ohio…..reading your blog made me remember a time when Gabriella and Tristan were like 7 and 8. We were in Target and there was a “little person” pushing a baby carriage. She could hardly reach the handles….I saw her before the kids and FROZE. I knew they would stare so I quickly shuffeled them down an isle but not before Tristan shouted out ” why’s that little person pushing a baby.” She stopped and explained but I was mortified…..Good luck to you!!! dawne and kat

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  3. Tatum,
    Great to see you today and catch up. I really admire you and the approach you’ve taken in raising your family. I know it is a tough and unexpected journey and you’ve taken it on with positivity and courage. Your blog is really great too.

    Anyway, we’d love to do a play date. You are welcome to come here, but if it is easier for us to come to you, that is fine too. Were free the following dates after 3pm – 9/28, 10/1, 3, 8, 9, 10. The next couple of weeks are busy with dr. Appts.!

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  5. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for writing this. I’m not a mom of a preemie, but I am the aunt and cousin of two. Watching their moms struggle with everyday things like feeding or being afraid to sleep because of breathing issues was hard to watch, but I can’t imagine living that everyday. This is a blog that, I personally think, everyone should read so that they can understand the life of a preemie family. Good luck in all you do!

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  7. Our stories are so similar! My son Liam was born in April 2011 at 24 weeks 3 days and spent 205 days in the NICU. Thank you for your posts–many echo the situations and feelings that we are experiencing in our house. I wish I was as articulate as you!

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