It was a week of birthday celebrating in our house.  Kyle’s birthday was Thursday and Kellen’s is this coming Wednesday so we celebrated both this weekend.  Friday was a date night that included dinner with friends.  Grandma Sandy stayed home with the boys and then managed to keep them quiet so Kyle and I could sleep in in the morning.  Sleeping in was a wonderful luxury.  It also meant for a mad scramble to get everything done before Kellen’s birthday party at a local fitness center pool and party room.  He loved his day.  Our neighbor spent time with Owen because we didn’t want him at the party yet.

I’m posting on Sunday night because both boys are home tomorrow.  Our weather is supposed to drop to 18 to 25 BELOW zero tonight.  Looks like we’ll be making cookies and hot chocolate to keep warm.


Haircut with blue streaks

Haircut with blue streaks

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