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NO appointments this week! Put this one in the record books and it’s much appreciated because last week we either saw or had calls with Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Early Intervention, Pediatrician, Pulmonary and NICU Follow up.

My favorite two appointments were PT and Early Intervention. In both, we went over Owen’s accomplishments and worked towards setting new goals. There was a lot of talk about a word that starts with ‘W’. You know, the major gross motor milestone! It really blows my mind to think where Owen was on his first birthday – in the PICU with threats of intubation and barely able to support his own head and he made no sounds and today we are talking about things like walking and communicating. So much to be thankful for.

Overall, the 18 month well visit for Owen went well too, but we did find that Owen’s weight and head size are not holding to his growth curve. The Pediatrician took it very seriously and said “no more oxygen breaks until you talk to Pulmonary and we need to talk to the dietitian… yesterday”. Well, I couldn’t do yesterday, but the NICU Follow up Clinic called me back right away and now Owen has a new, higher calorie, diet. His Pulmonolgist called me the next day and agreed with me that it’s probably Owen’s new mobility and not the oxygen breaks that are causing his weight loss. However, she said that we should not push him until he is back on his growth curve. We can still do 1-2 hour oxygen breaks per day, but for now, the goal isn’t to wean more than that.

There are also some discussions with Pulmonary and PT around a possible additional diagnosis for Owen’s lungs that may partly explain his continued need for oxygen. I’ll go into more detail about that tomorrow.

If Owen’s week is to be described as a busy, Kellen’s would be described as curious. His classroom has a traveling Curious George and Kellen is thrilled that it’s his week to babysit. The school George (in red) and Kellen’s home George (in yellow) have been accompanying him everywhere. He’s been a very responsible and fun babysitter … see for yourself.






Not wanting to be left out of the picture fest, Owen wants to show you his new shirt I ordered from It’s A Preemie Thing.  If you have a preemie in your life, these shirts are so much fun and the quality is great.  A perfect wearable keep sake, if you’re looking for some holiday ideas.  (Nope, I’m not pitching these for any personal gain – I just love the shirt that much).

One last message from Owen – he’s scheduled to be featured in another blog this week.  Want to know the topic?  This picture is your hint.  We’ll share the post when it goes live.


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