Since Owen was born, I’ve been waiting for the day that my boys could play together.  However, with his developmental delays, I was beginning to fear that they may never be at a place to truly interact.  I should have known not to doubt.  It’s still in short 5-10 minute bursts, but more and more, Kellen and Owen are playing together.

Kellen is such a loving big brother.  He already has his life planned.  He’s going to move to Arizona and be a fire fighter.  Kyle and I can visit sometime, but not too much.  Owen will live with him.”I’ll make sure he’s always okay, Mom”.

Owen was six months and just out of the NICU before Kellen got to hold his brother.  I love the look pride in his face.  Owen wasn’t smiling yet, but he found one for his big brother.

photo (1)

It’s hard to think of any part of parenting that’s better than watching your kids laugh together.


“No, Owen, you don’t eat it. It goes here” [a couple of minutes later Owen knocked down Kellen’s tower and that play session ended with tears. It was nice while it lasted.]


“Yeah, Mom, he’s not cooperating…again.”

DSC_1210 DSC_1215 DSC_1227

An all-time favorite.  The joy.  ahhhh.

An all-time favorite. The joy. ahhhh.


Very proud of himself


“Is this a goofy smile, mom?”

Yes, Kellen, you can be goofy and the best big brother all at once.

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10 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Oh this is so sweet. I try to look at it as they play differently. Allie incorporates so much therapy when she plays with Boo. And it sometimes breaks my heart that she plays more “at” Boo then with her. But she keeps trying. Oh and it cracks me up that both Allie and Kellen have decided that they will take care of their siblings when they grow up.

    Maybe they can start a commune?

    • There really is something special about the older siblings, isn’t there? I like the commune idea…the moms will be hanging out at the wine drinking commune.

  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing your story on line. My daughter is a former 26 weeker (now 16 months old/13 adjusted) who was diagnosed this summer with spastic right sided hemiplegia (bilateral grade III/IV IVH, no hydrocephalus). It has been so helpful to find stories of families dealing with similar challenges as my husband and I raise our daughter.

    The real reason I’m commenting here is to find out where you got the water table your (adorable!) boys are using in these photos! Anna is working on standing, and I think something like this would give her a ton of motivation. If you could share the brand/model, I would be so grateful!

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