Boring feels so good!

Hello, I hope everyone had a great mother’s day weekend!

It’s been a pretty boring but good week at the M house.

Owen did have some breathing issues early in the week last week, so he just finished up another five-day course of prednisolone.  Hopefully the steroids gave him the boost he needed to get through whatever he was fighting. He’s up a bit on oxygen, but still on low flow.  Developmentally, he took a couple of days off his work out sessions to let him rest, but he’s continued working on standing, tummy time and eating.  He’s having good strides all around, but really has had a breakthrough on eating that I’ll talk more about tomorrow.

Kellen’s school conferences were this week.  He’s doing really well in school.  Plays well with the other kids and loves to be the center of attention and the teacher’s main helper.  He’s doing much better with some of the anger issues he was having while Owen was hospitalized.  He still struggles a little with jealousy of Owen, but as Owen gets more and more interactive, the two are really starting to have fun together.  Owen thinks his big brother is the funniest guy ever.

Mother’s Day was really nice.  Kyle made dinner Saturday and brunch on Sunday for Sandy, Rusty and me.  We then took a walk to Dairy Queen.  Scout is leaving this coming weekend, so it’s nice to get some last walks in with her and the weather couldn’t have been better.

These stretches where we’ve been out the hospital for a few weeks always feels really good.  Life is relatively organized and tensions are lower and Owen tends to do something new every day which is so fun to see.  In all a pretty boring update, but I’m not complaining.

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