Alone With Scissors

Can someone explain to me why it is that every kids goes all the way to the scalp when they finally satisfy that urge to cut their own hair?


And, really, why is it always half of their bangs?20130317-210619.jpg

As if you can’t tell by the look on his face, there was no remorse.

Okay, I laughed a little when I caught him in the act.  And then so did Kyle when he came to inspect after he overheard me say, “Kellen, are you cutting your hair?”  We figure every kid does it once.  However, the more I inspected, I kind of wanted to cry.  I loved his shaggy hair and this was short.  Bald spot short.  All I could picture was a buzz cut.  I know, many kids look great in buzz cuts.  It just doesn’t fit Kellen’s personality.  At all.  Kyle agreed, no buzz cut.

The stylist at Kids Hair looked at me with a little apprehension, when I said I wanted it to blend in, but I didn’t want his head shaved.  “No clippers?  Just a scissor cut.”  she confirmed.  And, she tried a shorter cut and left enough on top and bang on the good side to comb over his bald side.  She did the best she could with what she had to work with, but it still looked like a comb over covering a bald spot.  I thanked her for trying and then gulped and pulled out my back up plan.  “If you can’t blend it in, let’s leave it there and divert everyone’s attention away from the bald spot.”

Kellen was pleased.



And then, he was ecstatic after she sprayed it green.20130317-210701.jpg

Unfortunately, the lessen Kellen just learned was that if he cuts his hair, he gets a “really cool” haircut (that sort of makes his parents cringe).  But, as Kyle said, “at least he didn’t cut Owen’s hair.”

I know it’s just hair, but nobody better touch these crazy curls!


Tomorrow I’ll be posting the less emotional account of Owen’s first Gastroenterology appointment that he had last week.  While it did stir up some lingering anger, I am hopeful that we can have Owen gaining weight without the discomfort he’s had in recent months.

Also, I’m posting this on Sunday night because Monday we’ll be busy with Kellen’s Kindergarten screen.  Ahhh!  K-I-N-D-E-R-G-A-R-T-E-N!  I shouldn’t have to be thinking about this so soon!

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  1. I really LOVE Kellen’s sassy faux hawk! And the pleased look on his face… But please don’t tell him it’s not ok to cut owey’s, cuz I fear he’ll want him to have such a cool cut too. And I love O’s curls!!

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