I’ve noticed a trend with Owen’s development in that he has a cycle every 2 months where he has a burst of new skills across all areas of development. Not to say that he makes no progress during the rest of the time, it just seems like he has periods of building endurance and practice and then all the sudden, another surge of new skills suddenly come. I have no idea if that’s a typical development process or it’s just an Owen process but I have to say, these surge weeks are always so much fun.

In addition to crawling and pulling up to standing on EVERYTHING shorter than 2.5 feet, Owen has started to show understanding to words that he hears. If I say, “no no”, he shakes his head “no”.   He now consistently waves “bye bye”…sometimes even with both hands at once. I’ve also thought that he was trying to say, “bye bye” and had it confirmed at lunch on Sunday when we were trying to get him to wave and he, clear as day, said, “ah-bye”. We haven’t heard it again, but since Kyle, Kellen and I all agreed that’s what we heard, it’s going on the books as the first word!

Here are some pics of the rest of the week.

Super K ready to hit the hay.  (note the oxygen cord in the background?  We have ~50 ft of cord so leave the tank downstairs and run the cord over the balcony and it comfortably reaches the whole second floor)

Kellen excited about his new shirt from Grandma Sue.


I love this picture because it’s the first time when Kellen (or anyone) was eating something and Owen reached over to take it from him and put it in his mouth.  He, of course, loved sucking the salt off the french fries.  (You’ll notice the pile of licked, not chewed ones laying next to him.)  Also, it’s another example of how the two are starting to interact more with each other.


Smelling fresh after a blow-out the required two parents for clean up.


I swear, i did nothing to his hair to make it look like this.  Kellen loves to say rub Owen’s curls and say, “Owey, you have such crazy hair”.


Speaking of crazy hair, what do you think of, 3-month-old, London’s hair?  Friends Janet and London took Kellen to another friend’s 3rd birthday part at Chuck-E-Cheese so he wouldn’t miss out on the fun.  He rode the “Scoop” bulldozer most of the party and within hours of Janet bringing him home was saying, “I miss my friend, Janet”


I love this picture for two reasons.  1) Owen’s starting to show a lot of interest in Kellen’s toys and really understands how to push the truck back and forth.  2)  you can see how much he is bending forward while seated.  It’s very hard for him to be in this position because of all of his scars in his lower abdomen but what he’s doing is really important to be able to transition from sitting to crawling (which he’s doing on occasion).

20120930-232133.jpgKyle made chicken noodle soup this weekend and before adding the noodles, pulled out a small batch so Owen could have some with Trader Joe’s rice noodles in some.  I blended it up in the blender and Owen was a big fan.  I love finding foods he wants to eat!


Kellen thought you might like to know that he likes to eat too, especially pudding.


Owen thinking, “haha, she can’t take the couch out of the room”.  He is one determined climber and I’m one proud and terrified mom.


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