A New Week

Monday. This will be the first school day since the shootings in Connecticut on Friday. I’m glad that Owen has an appointment in the morning so Kyle will be taking Kellen to school. I’ll do it the next day, but am happy for one more day.

Kellen doesn’t know what happened. We decided he’s too young and he already really struggles with fears of people being hurt. Hearing emergency vehicle sirens on a toy is fun for him, but if he hears them in real life gets scared and for the next several hours obsesses about if the people are all right. He’s had a classmate whose dad had a broken toe and so that’s always his fall back, ‘Mom, maybe the people are all right and they just broke their toe or something?” He questions me over and over. I always agree that it was probably just a toe. Kellen can be a wild child and often has me begging for just one minute without talking, but he’s also one of the most empathetic kids I know. I’m glad that when I drop him off, no matter where my brain is going, he’s going to feel safe. The truth is, he is safe at school. Unfortunately, bad things can happen anywhere.

I know we all have different ways of handling tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  There are some who want to keep talking and sending vocal support and there are some who want to give the families their space to heal.  I fall more into the former camp but, I won’t spend much more time on this blog about the topic.  However, I couldn’t say nothing today because I can’t really talk about the week without mentioning the event and its impact on all of us.

Fortunately, regardless of how the adults were feeling last week, the boys were oblivious and only had a lot of extra hugs.

photo (59)Kellen and Kyle spent the weekend up north where they rode the Polar Express to see Santa (“Santy”, as Kellen lovingly calls him) with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Rusty. Kellen is officially in the train stage and loved the trains at the station (shown) and Grandpa’s train set at their house.  Here are some of his pictures taken by Grandma and Kyle.

IMG-20121215-00116 IMG-20121215-00118

 Owen and I hunkered into the house where he worked on pulling out every single toy from his and Kellen’s (shh, don’t tell Kellen)  toy baskets and making a multitude of silly faces at me. Something tells me this kid is going to be a comedian.





I love that last one of Owen because he was looking at himself while he made that face…a trick he learned from his big brother.




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  1. Cute pictures! The experts are saying if there are no real reasons for the kids to hear about the school shootings, they should not be told.

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