A Month for the Record Books

June is officially wrapped up and it was, by far, the best month in Owen’s life so far. I kind of feel like jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.  But I won’t, because those of you who have been following since the CB days know, I’m always terrified to jinx good runs by bragging (hmm, TomKat should have thought of that all those years ago, it seems like he’s bragging no more).  Celebrating milestones is very different from bragging, so let’s celebrate these points:

  • June can be added to the list of months that Owen was not hospitalized any part of it. We are now 4 months (November, December, May and June) with no hospitalization. If we can make it through July we will have our longest stretch AND as of July 22, Owen will hit the point of sleeping at home 1/2 of his nights. (knock on wood).
  • Not only were there no overnights, Owen only had one day that he even visited Amplatz. He had two specialists appointments on one day – both were excellent.  Two doctors appointments in the whole month – whoever thought?
  • June is the first month in 2012 that Owen did not need any oral steroids. This is good because oral steroids are known to inhibit growth. Growth is essential in growing new healthy lung tissue. Virtuous cycles are so much more fun than vicious cycles.

Just like the rest of the month we had a really good week. Kyle traveled for work so Grandma Sandy came down Monday through Thursday to help me with the boys. As is always the case, she was kept very busy and I got to sneak away for a long over due pedicure and had brunch with some friends I haven’t seen in much too long. As you saw on the Friday post, Owen was able to meet a new friend, 3-week-old London, on Friday. Then on Saturday, he saw her again but this time, Kellen joined and he was just as enamored – the picture below captured the moment perfectly. London is very accommodating and let the boys use her swimming pool while she stayed under the canopy with a fan. Kellen loved the pool that was perfect size for him – he could touch the whole way through. I took Owen in briefly. He was less sure about the experience. He never cried, but he did whimper for the first several minutes. By the end I did get a couple smiles out of him so I definitely want to keep trying – swimming is great for strength and endurance building. Saturday night I was able to have a girls night out. My first since before I was pregnant with Owen. It was so nice having dinner and a couple more than two drinks. Nothing crazy to report, just fun with friends and barely a headache in the morning.

The only sour note to the weekend was Kyle’s been struggling with severe back spasms since Sunday early morning. He was basically immobile and after some badgering he finally agreed to go to the ER Sunday evening. The first round of meds didn’t do the trick, so he ended up with a pretty strong shot that finally had him able to tolerate movement. He’s still not pain free, but is in a much better place.

Thanks to Aunt Syd and Cousin Jade for babysitting the boys while Kyle and I were at the hospital. It sounds like Owen’s back never hit the floor and Kellen loved working on his ‘k’s and playing Memory with Jade. She’s a great teacher and Kellen a very willing student. He’s starting to identify and write letters. He is very close to writing his name and he loves to find the letters ‘k’, ‘e’, ‘l’ and ‘n’ on every sign or book. When he sees the letter ‘M’ he always yells – “mom”. It’s so fun to watch his joy as he learns.

Enjoy the pictures of the week.



The boys and me with the inside out.


I love this picture. You can see the joy and love in his eyes as he stares at baby L.


Magic bubbles

Fun idea we stole from Pinterest. Click on the picture to link to the Pinterest Post


Thanks, Laura, for taking pictures of my boys and me while we were in the pool!


Protecting O’s eyes from the sun was more important to me than getting a picture of that cute face. His body language shows his timidness without needing to see the face.


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6 thoughts on “A Month for the Record Books

  1. Hi tatum wow who would have imagined. Glad you had a good month. Was O in the pool without his cannulas?

    • Yes, Lisa, he was cannula free in the pool. He’s been breathing very well lately and I didn’t have a long cord with me, so I let him go about 10 minutes with out anything. He wasn’t a fan of having them put back in after his swim 🙂

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