A great Reason to Eat Ice Cream – DQ Miracle Treat Day

It’s been another whirlwind summer week at the M house. Kyle was in Colorado and Canada most of the work week and Kellen had two fun filled days with Grandpa Corky and Grandma Cheryl at their lake place. He is working really hard on floating on his back and absolutely loves being in the lake. He went for a slow tube ride with step-uncles Joe and Mike (who he thinks were made to play with him) and he even got to sit on the parked jet ski. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been asked “why do jet skis make big splashes?” and “why do jet skis go fast?” in the last five days.

Owen and I enjoyed a week that was not too appointment filled and spent lots of time at home working on getting up on all fours. Owen wants to crawl so badly. I’ve never seen him work so hard as he’s doing right now. He lays on the floor and rolls over to his stomach and then pulls his legs up under him. He then shoves his head and arms into the ground. – pushing his head forward When that doesn’t work he pushes his legs back out and pushes his body up into the cobra pose. He’s got the two parts to getting on all fours and now he’s just trying to put them together. I love his determination and am surprised by how quickly he can get around our 10 by 10 den. There is no longer a safe place, I have to put out of reach anything that’s not safe to go into Owen’s mouth. Owen’s also been working on sitting up. I’ve seen him sit and play with a toy for over two minutes. He supports his weight on the toy, but doesn’t need me to help him. Finally, Owen is choosing to lay on his stomach and play and brings his arms in when he’s on his stomach. This is the foundation to crawling and pulling up, so a big, big skill to be mastering.

I do have to put a quick plug in for a great reason to eat ice cream this week. On Thursday, July 26, Dairy Queen is having their annual Miracle Treat Day which is their fundraiser for Miracle Network Hospitals, like Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. There are two ways to participate – you can do both or one.

  • The most fun way to participate is to buy a Blizzard from Dairy Queen on Thursday. For each Blizzard sold, Dairy Queen will donate at least $1 to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.
  • The easiest way to participate is to RSVP to the event on Facebook. Just click here and “Join” the event by Thursday to have $1 donated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

In Minnesota, all Miracle Network funds go to Gillette Children’s. Gillette is where Owen goes for his therapies. Also, our nephew who has Spina Bifida has been a life long patient and several of the friends we have gotten to know over the last year have been treated at Gillette with life changing surgeries. So, if you MUST enjoy some ice cream on Thursday, know you are helping children with many different disabilities have an easier life.

Here are a couple pictures of the boys keeping their cool in the summer heat.


Yep, he’s pretty tough.


Kellen helped our neighbor with her plants last week, so she paid him two dollars. He used the money for a head band and chapstick to match his Mater t-shirt.

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