A Good Ole Fashion Mom Brag

I just tucked the boys into bed and can hear them jabbering through the monitor.  Kellen says a word, Owen repeats it.  It all makes me realize that I haven’t been that mom that brags about her kids on the blog lately.  Celebrating is one of the pillars of this blog…so, let me celebrate (PS – feel free to celebrate your own brag-worthy moments in the comments).

Words, Words, Words Galore!

I realize it’s pushing my mom-bragging limits a little by putting up a 1 min 25 sec conversation where I only get one word responses…but go with it here.  Owen was essentially mute…note even an audible cry…for the first year of his life.  I hear all these words and my heart sings.

He has somewhere between 30-40 words that he uses on his own and he repeats nearly everything else that we say.  Owen was born into a family of talkers and he’s not one to be left out. His favorite words?  “Daddy”, “Puppy”, “Doggy”, “Monkey”, “Nookie” and “Lilly”.  Yes, Lilly is a little girl in his school.  His first girlfriend that’s not a nurse!  Awww!

Owen’s not the only one suddenly mastering words.  Kellen has really taken off with writing and reading readiness.  He writes all of our names and any word that you spell for him.  He also has started sounding out what letter words start with and he and he’s at the beginning stages of working on reading simple words.  It’s such a joy to see that he likes learning.  He’s already excited to start kindergarten next year and the fact that he’s getting the basics of reading now makes me feel much better about the idea that we are leaning towards sending him to a Chinese Immersion program for elementary school.

Soooo Close

Honestly, it has felt like Owen has been “almost” walking forever but each week he gets a little bit closer.  In typical Owen fashion, he’s not learning in the linear process.  He skips steps and goes back and learns the “easier” things later.  For example, he can run with his walker, but he’s not yet walking on his own.  He has started to take 3-4 unassisted, but not very stable, steps a few times a day and on Friday he stood for about 8-10 seconds on his own.    His therapists aren’t really sure what to expect with him – they said he’ll either take off running (and skip walking), or be one of the kids who takes steps here and there for a longer time, in which case he’ll be more reliant on his walker for the near term.  I think they kind of suspect the running scenario, but we’ve all learned long ago that it’s not worth predicting what Owen’s going to do because it’s never what you think.  He will walk when he’s ready…probably in efforts to get to a “puppy”.  (I don’t have the heart to tell him he’s allergic – he loves puppies so).

The Big Bad Wolf

Kellen was the wolf in his class’ Three Little Pigs Parade.  I hope you’re secure in your brick house when this scary wolf comes knockin’!



Summer swimming lessons are complete.  Kellen graduated from Frogs and moves on to be an Octopus this fall.  He is loving the water and learned to duck his whole head in the water on command and can float and scoop swim with assistance. Owen is going to take Aquatots again so he can keep work on getting his face in the water to blow bubbles.  However, he made a ton of progress and really enjoyed his time in the water by the end of the 8 sessions.


Overcoming Fears

Being at school has really helped Owen with his auditory sensory sensitivities.  I’ve not spent a lot of time on his sensory sensitivities, but over the winter and spring we had several issues where Owen would have such an emotional response to sensory triggers that he would give himself an asthma attack (I didn’t know this before, but pulmonary has said that emotions are one of the biggest asthma triggers). OT has been working with Owen on his sensory triggers and I also believe school has helped expose him to many new sights and sounds.  I am happy to report that I can now take a shower without causing my son to have an asthma attack and look at this progress…feet in the grass!  He even took a few hand-held steps in the grass after this picture was taken.


Me too, Me too!

We saw GI last week.  The doctor has another “maybe it’s this?” big-named, word to consider for Owen.  I’m not going into what it is…wanna know why?  I didn’t even Google it.  Yep, that’s right.  I am not obsessing over it.  Time will tell.  I’m making progress too, plus, I’d rather spend my spare time doing this.


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7 thoughts on “A Good Ole Fashion Mom Brag

  1. I think you are right to brag, Owen looks great! My Violette (24 weeks 5/7) will be going to grade 2 in three weeks, grade 1 was tough for the first few months, but she loves learning, and is very happy when she can do new things. (Dads like to brag too).

    • Brag away, Keith! I didn’t know you were also a dad to a preemie. Thank you for sharing and I wish Violette all the best with grade 2!

  2. Loved the brag! Thanks for sharing. Owen’s video brought tears to my eyes-such an amazing little man. And Kellen, I bet he was a fantastic wolf.

    A little brag of my own….My twins turned 1 this summer, they’re off all meds (knock on wood), they’re eating some food with texture (a banana) and I’m trying to come terms with that fact that were hiring a nanny for the fall. The boys will do great with it I know…I hope I can handle it!

    • Isn’t it the best feeling when they come off all their meds? Congrats to your boys, Ashley! I can tell you Owen’s been doing really well with the nanny – but yes, it can be hard on the moms sometimes. I’m always here to listen to a vent, if you need it through the transition

  3. Brag away! So awesome and I sit here and listen with Sam sitting in his bouncing chair next to me, each time Owen said something Sam let out a giggle. I thought that was cute.

  4. Oh my gosh, Tatum, I love that video. What a sweet little voice Owen has! I’ve been a reader and admirer of your blog, since I found you on the Love That Max link-up a couple months ago. 🙂
    Have a great weekend,
    P.s. Thanks for stopping by The Pink Roller Coaster earlier this week. You are soooo right about social media keeping us feeling connected and sane. It was my saving grace when Liam went through seven surgeries the first year he was born, especially since my husband was away working in Kuwait, and our families were often hours away. I am sure I would’ve felt very alone and isolated without it.

  5. LOVE this so so so so much! My heart smiles when I read about your amazing family and everything that your boys are accomplishing. AWESOME!

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