90 Days of Blogging

I can’t believe it’s already been 90 days (as of Sunday) since I’ve made the shift from CaringBridge to this ANRC blog.  From what I can find, 90 days is the point in the blog world when you’re expected to stick it out and keep up with regular posting.  I’ve got to tell you, this 90 days has flown by and I’m having so much fun.

I am so thankful that many CaringBridge followers have continued to follow and many more have found us and started to follow our story too.  I’m a tiny blog relative to many, but I love watching it grow.  A few of my posts have been shared on one of my favorite resources, Life After NICU‘s, Facebook page.  I’ve loved having moms from all over the country reach out to share their own family’s story with me and reconnecting with several moms who were in Amplatz with us.

Personally, blogging has been healing and a wonderful way to keep in touch with the outside world.  This summer has been active, but we will be going back into hiding in September and it’s a little less daunting with a place to connect four days a week.

To celebrate 90 days, I gave the site a bite of a face lift.  I’m in love with the new photos from Phichette Photography and feel like they really brighten up the site.  Take a look at each of the pages (About, Our Family, etc.) to see some of Tonja’s great work.  I’ve also added a gallery of pictures of Owen on the Owen’s First Year page.

Thank you all for continuing to follow and for giving me a voice in Owen’s story and for prematurity and special needs awareness.

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4 thoughts on “90 Days of Blogging

    • Leslie, you definitely are up there as one of Owen’s number one fans. Must be because you’ve climbed a mountain before too. xo

  1. I love reading your blogs. You have wonderful perspective, a fantastic attitude with lifes challenges, and you are a beautiful writer. I hope one day you can publish your story. I read and follow every blog and love seeing your pictures. Your story is intriguing and the manner in which you handle life is astounding. Your boys are PRECIOUS!!!!! My prayers are always with you and yours.
    Love, Hanie

  2. Thank you for your kind words and faith, Hanie. As a cancer survivor, I know you understand many of the challenges that we face. I value your opinion and am happy to have renewed a friendship with you through Facebook and Scrabble (although, I’m not good at keeping up with games since starting the blog).

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