90 Day Physical Therapy Goals

I’m back from a wonderful vacation, feeling refreshed and breathing easier. I spent the weekend with two of my college roommates doing a whole lot of eating, talking and relaxing in Vail, Colorado. Even with the rain today, it was just what I needed. I, of course, missed the boys terribly, but am a firm believer that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

Unfortunately, one of my concerns from Friday did come true – Kyle got sick and spent 2 of the 3 days mostly in bed. Grandma Sandy was a trooper and handled the boys on her own. I know she must be exhausted, its tiring for me and I don’t have to think too much about what I’m doing, so I have a feeling she’ll be happy to be back home this morning.

We’re starting off the normal week on big note. Owen finally has his feeding evaluation Tuesday (today) morning. Hopefully it goes well and we get a good plan towards helping him orally eat. We also see Pulmonary Thursday. Due to his recent Prednisone (steroid) course, I’m not expecting any changes but this is when we will discuss the plan for keeping Owen healthy through the winter. Who knows, maybe she’ll say that we don’t have to go into hiding until October, versus September? At least that’s my dream. I’ll keep you posted on both outcomes.

One place that we do have a plan is in Owen’s Gross Motor skills (large muscle activities like; sitting, standing, crawling, walking, jumping). Owen had his evaluation on August 2 and from that, his therapist recommended goals that will stretch Owen but, with health and practice, should be achievable. Here are the agreed on goals:

Official Diagnosis: Gross Motor Delay and Muscle Weakness (currently at 6-7 month old age equivalent)

2 Month Goals:
1) Crawl Five Feet on all fours
2) Side Sitting (supported on hands or elbows) as a precursor to be able to transition from sitting to laying on stomach.

2.5 Month Goal: Transition from sitting to all fours

3 Month Goal: Pull to stand from kneeling

These goals have my heart a-flutter. When I have to baby proof my house will be a big day!

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