The Why Olympics


Kellen’s been spending a few days with Grandma Sandy.  It’s funny how when he’s not around, it’s the things that annoy me that I miss the most.  Tonight, as I sit and watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, I miss that I don’t get to share the experience with my little man.  I can imagine how excited he’d be to see the spectacle and I really can imagine how many times he’d ask “Why” in his ceremony viewing.

Now, I know that all 3-year-olds have the same favorite question, but my nerves are beginning to believe that Kellen just might be some sort of an Olympic Champion in “why” gymnastics.  He’s got the trifecta of skills; persistence, curiosity and passion.  I’m not sure how two Marketer parents have created a natural-born engineer, but I’ve never seen so much passion to understanding how everything works.  He wants to see the motor on all things motorized, the pipes on all things plumbing and the fire in all things flammable.

Just to give you some insight into Kellen’s mind –  he asks EACH of these questions FIVE or more times EVERY day.

  • Mommy, why does the lawn mower spit grass out the side?
  • Mommy, why can the propeller on the lawn mower hurt us?
  • Mommy, why does soap/poop/pee go down the drain and leave the house?
  • Mommy, where does the soap/poop/pee go when it leaves the house?
  • Mommy, can you show me the pipe that it leaves in – Is it this one behind the toilet?
  • Mommy, why is poop stinky?
  • Mommy, why can’t we touch poopy?
  • Mommy, why does the jet ski go really fast in the water?
  • Mommy, why does the boat propeller make bubbles?
  • Mommy, why do we put gas in the car?
  • Mommy, why can’t we see [car] exhaust in the summer?
  • Mommy, why is exhaust stinky?
  • Mommy, why can’t we have the windows open when we’re on the interstate?
  • Mommy, why can’t we go when the light is red?
  • Mommy, why are airplanes noisy?
  • Mommy, why do the clouds move?
  • Mommy, why do fireworks come from sticks?
  • Mommy, what’s in the fireworks sticks?
  • Mommy, why are fireworks dangerous?
  • Mommy, is that car being stupid?

Oops, did I admit to that last one?  I have no idea why he’d think some cars are stupid.  Err, mommy needs to find a new road rage word – and that WAS my new road rage word.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that all of Kellen’s why questions are so profound.  He’s also famous for these type of conversations:

Me:  Kellen please don’t play on the ladder, I don’t want you to fall and hurt your head.

Kellen:  Why?

Me:  Well, do you like to get hurt?

Kellen:  No

Me:  So please get down so you don’t get hurt.

Kellen:  Why

Me:  Kellen, I’m not telling you again, get OFF the ladder!

But really, I am missing him tonight.  I’d love the questions he has about the queen jumping out of the helicopter.

PS:  All you continuous improvement junkies who love to do Why, Why exercises…Kellen is available for a “nominal” consulting fee.


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4 thoughts on “The Why Olympics

  1. Oh, Tatum!
    How I laughed at this post. I sometimes forget that in the midst of everything that you do with Owen, you are also raising a toddler who is going through a lot of interesting phases! I can’t get over how much he’s grown since last I saw him!

    I have been trying to read at least 1 blog post a week for multiple reasons: I enjoy following your journey and keeping up with how the boys (and parents) are doing, some of your remarks are so funny (I love that ‘stupid’ WAS your new word!), and often your remarks inspire how I will parent for the day.

    Keep writing, the impact of your words go far…

  2. Two books I am sure your little man would love.
    Everyone Poops ( My Body Science) by Taro Gomi
    The Gas We Pass
    By Shinta Cho

    Two great books! I found them on Amazon very inexpensively.

    • Thanks for the tips – I will definitely check them out. I’m so happy your’re following our family after all these years!

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