Growing Boy

Looking back over the last week, I’m not really sure how it’s possible that we did so much in one week.

Owen was under the weather for most of the first part of the week and in total we were at the pediatrician’s office three times. First they felt it was just teething, but by Tuesday afternoon his fever was much higher and crabby like I’ve not seen since the NICU days. The suspicion was viral, but he was put on antibiotics as a precaution because his chest x-ray didn’t look perfect. He’s back to near normal now – still a little residual cough, but overall, looking good.

In addition to the pediatrician visits, we had 3 other appointments last week. I already told you that Owen graduated from Torticollis Physical Therapy. Then on Thursday he officially graduated from his Cranio Cap helmet. Friday we went back to the NICU for a follow-up on his growth and development. I’ll talk more about our development discussions tomorrow, but in all it was a great visit. For growth, Owen’s in the SEVENTY-FIFTH percentile in height for corrected age on the preemie chart! What’s really amazing about that 75% number is that in November, Owen wasn’t on the preemie charts because he was so little. He’s grown 7 inches since November. SEVEN INCHES! He is now 29 inches. With each centimeter of growth all I can think is, “healthy new lungs, healthy new lungs, healthy new lungs”.

It’s obvious that Owen’s been growing because he surprised many people this weekend with how big he is. We had several friends over for a BBQ on Saturday – it was Owen’s first party and many of our friends’ first time meeting him. In total there were 18 kids between the ages of 2 months and 8 at our house. There was not a truck in the toy box or any riding toy in the garage. It was truly a swarm of kids and so much fun. Owen stuck in the house with the adults who understand the value of clean hands but Kellen was in full glory following his 8-year-old idols around and playing barefoot with all the kids.

With all the excitement of the week, I didn’t get many pictures taken, so if you were here for the BBQ, please share your pictures with me! For Blog purposes, let me just share two pictures of Milestones Owen reached this week.


Owen celebrating his helmet graduation with his favorite Gillette Orthotist, Dwight.

Owen checking out his new big-boy car seat. He was getting too long for his infant seat.


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