36 Things

  1. The word rumpus
  2. Clean sheets
  3. Butterflies
    339e buckeye on susans
  4. The shock of a snowball in the face
  5. Tickling my kids
  6. A hug from him him1
  7. Or himhim2
  8. Or himhim3
  9. Walking through the kitchen while Kyle’s making dinner, just so I can pat his rumpus.
  10. An unexpected letter in the mail
  11. Any mail that’s not a bill or ad
  12. A nap after a hot shower
  13. A little hot chocolate with my whipped creamhot chocolate
  14. Sleeping babies with their rumpus in the air
  15. Owen’s belly laughbelly laugh
  16. Kellen’s mouth-wide-open show of excitementsqueal
  17. Knowing that he gets that mouth-open-laugh from memy laugh
  18. A comment that one of my posts made someone feel better
  19. Flip flops
  20. The sun shining on my face

    All rights reserved, Kristen Gunderson Photography

    All rights reserved, Kristen Gunderson Photography

  21. Jane Austen Novels
  22. Kellen’s giggle after a toot from his rumpus
  23. Talking on the phone to my dad, mom or brothers and knowing I don’t need to tell them how I’m doing, they always seem to knowfamilydad
  24. Driving the car with the windows down and the radio too loud
  25. Freezing a moment with the perfect picture.

    All rights reserved, Kristin Gunderson Photography

    All rights reserved, Kristin Gunderson Photography

  26. Watching Kyle interact with Kellen and Owen
  27. Rose of My Heart sung by Johnny Cash (Our First Dance)
  28. Writing
  29. Forever Friendsmaggie clairejanet sarah
  30. Preemie Mama Friendsjoanna
  31. Selfiesselfies2
  32. The screen porchsummer nights in the screen porch
  33. Date Nightdate night
  34. The first snow of the year
  35. The smell of spring
  36. Tres Lechestres leche

So when you look at my life and wonder, “how does she do it?”  It’s really quite simple.  I’ve got a lot that makes me smile.

I turn 36 this weekend. My wish?  That everyone takes a moment to smile.  What makes you smile?

© Copyright Tatum, All rights Reserved. Written For: Ain't No Roller Coaster

12 thoughts on “36 Things

  1. Thank you so much. This note makes me feel that no matter how hard it could be, always is a rainbow at the end. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    What makes me smile is my two year old preemie finally saying the sweetest syllables I’ve ever heard: “mama”!

    BTW I too like a little hot chocolate with my whipped cream 🙂

  3. happy birthday! what a great way to celebrate.

    Hearing my wee little girl wake up in the morning gives me that biggest smile. 4 months of waking up to a pump and a phonecall to the nicu makes morning wake ups extra special, no matter how early.

  4. It has got to be the smiles on my little one’s face! Happy birthday tomorrow Tatie! We will be celebrating along with you. miss you tons and have a beautiful day!

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