10 milestone years

2003 We started Grad school…and we met.

2004 We started dating and climbed a mountain.



2005 We graduated, started our second careers and moved into an apartment with a skyline view.


2006  We got engaged and bought our home.


2007  We got married.


2008  We made a baby.


2009 We welcomed Kellen.


2010 We made another baby.


2011  We begged to keep that baby and finally brought him home.

Kristin Gunderson Photography

All Rights Reserved, Kristin Gunderson Photography

2012  More hospitals.  Fatigue.  Breaking Points.  We survived them all.

All Rights Reserved, Pichette Photography LLC

All Rights Reserved, Pichette Photography LLC

Happy birthday, Kyle!  I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together this year.

© Copyright Tatum, All rights Reserved. Written For: Ain't No Roller Coaster

12 thoughts on “10 milestone years

  1. Oh Tatum, you aren’t allowed to make me cry on my birthday!! What a sweet post and what a great life you two are making together for two of the sweetest boys I know!! Happy birthday Kyle 🙂

  2. Hi Kyle, Habby Birthday 🙂 All the best. What is that strange place on earth where you made your first baby 😉 I hope you get a chance to visit again soon.

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