1 Year at Home!

Today is the one year anniversary of Owen coming home from the NICU.  In celebration, he, Kellen and I delivered two cakes to the NICU staff.

We got to see many of our favorite nurses and doctors.  The overwhelming consensus from the staff on Owen was, “Wow!  He looks good!”  They were pretty impressed with how big Kellen is getting too.

Here is a copy of the Card that we gave to them with the cake.

Front Cover:

Card Inside Left:

Inside Right:

Owen Marinkovich                                                                                                           NICU Stay:  4/21/11 – 10/19/11

Hi, NICU Friends!

I busted out of here a year ago today and wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for all you did to help me get to where I am.  As you can see, I’ve grown up a lot.

  • Then, I was 5.1 Kilos & 21”.  Now, I’m 9.5 Kilos & 30”
  • I always had a bit of a temper…red hair is no surprise!
  • I have 4 teeth, now!  They’re as yellow as my skin was.
  • I’ve started crawling and pulling to stand.  Mom says I’m a ball of energy and seem to be making up for lost time  I figure, I’m only on 3 meds now; she’s got time to play.
  • Eating has been a struggle, but I’m getting better.  The picture to the left is the first time I finished a full cup in one sitting.  Calories can absorb through your skin, right?
  • Several infections last cold & flu season did a number on my lungs, so I’m still on oxygen 22-24 hours a day.  The cords don’t bother me much; you’d be surprised how many times I can wrap it around my body and still keep crawling.  And, I don’t even have to cry to wake my parents in the morning.  I just stand up and the oximeter starts beeping…(haha, my mom hates that thing).

Enough about  me, what I really want to say is; thank you for giving guys and girls that are as sick as I was a chance to be amazing.  I hope to make you proud.

Love, Owen (Kyle, Tatum & Kellen)

PS – Thanks to Kar, for helping me proof it at midnight!

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    • Thanks, Joanna. I hope the rain didn’t keep you away from the pumpkin patch (or maybe it was part of my secret plan to make sure everyone stays healthy…haha)

  1. Love the card Tatum, you are so clever . I’m sure the staff is already so proud, and Baby O is already amazing. Congratulations on 1 year. What a blessing. We love you guys!

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